House Rules

  • BE RESPECTFUL – Respect the equipment and space. Clean up after yourself. Respect the coaches. Show up on time and listen. Most importantly, respect your fellow members. We’re all in this TOGETHER!
  • BE SOCIAL – A huge aspect of CrossFit is the community style atmosphere, so introduce yourself, make friends with strangers, and make the newer members feel welcome. We want everyone to feel right at home.
  • BE POSITIVE – This is a place to unwind and release some stress. We’re all here to work hard and get better, so leave your troubles at the door and celebrate your achievements and those of others. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither is your fitness. This is a journey. ENJOY IT!
  • BE HUMBLE – Give it your all, celebrate, and enjoy yourself… but no one likes a gloat.

Sign up and Sign In For Classes  

  • All members will have access (and are required) to sign into classes through the use of the Zenplanner App. This will not only allow you to view class availability and sizes, but will also ensure each class remain safe and effective on our end. SIGNING IN to a class will be available via an iPad near a designated area by the entrance. Please be sure to do both —sign up/ and sign in!


  • We offer various packages, but the most common is our month to month. You will be charged automatically on the first of the month every month unless you let us know otherwise. For rates, contact us @ (link with our contact info)

Cancelling Memeberships

  • There is no added fees for membership cancellations, however, we do need 30 days notice prior to doing so (before membership renewal is due), otherwise you will be charged for the next month. 


  • Once membership has been submitted and processed we do not offer any refunds. Any and all memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you wish to cancel, please review our cancellation policy above.

Policies Subject to Change 

  • Empire State CrossFit White Plains reserves the right to make any and all changes to the terms and conditions. Empire State CrossFit White Plains is not responsible for any errors that may appear on this website. Empire State CrossFit White Plains reserves the right to make any and all changes to class times, schedules and locations without any notice.